Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moody & unwelL

hari ni bdn sakit2..
Tmbh jiwa bila dpt thu tak dpt ambil leave this sat..
dh approve dr manager branch tp credit manager tak bagi..
dlm last few month xde pn bb ambil leave..

Take leave!!
walau dpt blah dr office tetap rse nk sakit kepala..
hati gundah gulana nk cuti..

hari ni bufday sister.. Selamat Hari Lahir Kak Ngah..
Semoga ape yg dihajati tercapai..

Sis sampai umah mlm td.. Adoi, mmg xdpt nk layan dye..
bdn terus lepak after dating ngn hubby
Smlm dh plan ngn sis mcm2 tapi dh tired sgt..
nak ambil Lee pn xdpt..
Neway Selamat Hari Lahir Angah

Pg2 Hubby dh gerak ke BP,Muar and Segamat..
sentiasa rindu n syg dye..
sgt sayangkn dye..
smoga ape yg dye usahakn mendapat keberkatan..

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sopink oR s0Pha-HoLiC

Starting with Wedges

Much more better if bulan ne dpt gaks selection camnie..
tapi bb tak leh pkai yg higher cz nk same level ngn hubby.
His pretty cute jer..

Nose <Wedges>

Last memory <Vincci>

yang ney pnah ade then ilang ntah kemana
never know who took it!
but never mind lol cz dh ade yg baru.
kalau boleh nk design cmni tp casual wear..
blh ker ade camni??

Turn to Blouse

Kourtney Kardashian

Skunk makin chubby sgt..
so sgt mustahil bb leh pakai camni..
if really get tho body like this..
i wont left the change to exchange to be her..
wanna lovely dress

Hottie sgt blouse ney..
Blouse nie sme dengan blouse yg bb ade example

alamak!! pic bb ngn blouse niew xde dlm thumbdriver
so let it be la..
aper pon this month mmg nak sopink..
almost 4month tak sopink..
last month pn sopink wedges sbb needed sgt..
if not... tak sopink langsung..

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Separated By Times

Last week bz.. Never mind..
Monday nite bz.. Segamat to Semban.. Its ok..
Tuesday nite CANNOT.. Family issue..
When a suitable tyme i can spent with My Love??!

But most of the days we're never arguing bout anything
and in this relation is quite good..
i can see the flow..

sLruUpY Boy
Then weekend yg jatuh ari ahad pn xda mse nk date.. adoii..
and blh plak arini dye nak gie mlk tak bwa bb..
tension dh.. ish2..

Now kat office jer dh boring ney..
tak thu nk buat ape..
All the business dh settle..
Then what.. Chit-Chat ngn hubby jela..
Ngada dye nk gie mk laks..

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sepetang Yang Indah?!

PAU kukus...

pau kacang itam..

Kat MUAR mmg ade pau kukus yg best..
Tapi lokasi kurang tw..
Pau kukus dye terkenal ngn pau daging
yang kari dagingnya
memang terasa HEBAT..
Petang nie mmg best mkn benda2 camni..
Malay TEA BREAK ape lg..
nes 0 dgn tea 0 pns..

Pisang Goreng
 Pejabat Pos Tangkak

 Additional BANANA FRIED??
rite ker??
pisang goreng lol..
skali ngap.. mcm mulut naga.. spe tu???
and the funny is.. even in hottie ways..
cant wait till it coming into ours mouth..
panas tu!!

  see... i can look at the yellow color
      can bring happiness in ours mouth..
Pape pon tggu delivery from MR.TEDDY..

ThaNks DeAr TedDy bEaR

So SuNny...
Even sunny pn bb still kna flu arini and arini jua bnyk kerja..
Never mind.. Dh set nk setle kje arini dgn baik & dedikasi..
Cinta tak kemana hr nie cz dye tak xdew prospect sesiapa..
Bia la dye.. Santai tp xnyusahkan org..


Miss Rose akan dtg and at the same tyme bb dh apply cuti tuk g training product 4life..
What was happen really coincidence..
Just now Mr.Wind minta bb settle-up billing and bb hand over kpd hubby..
dye dtg bersama fixie yg color dye hubby x fix lagi...
never mind.. skunk nie.. its ok and its alrite then..

thankful to hubby settle up my things..

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Meals that i cant forget

Who wants deny this meals at the afternoon tyme..
of course i cant deny this.. Lets says that i had this meals..
what a pleasure i am.. Its HEAVEN babe...
then im waiting my hubby treats..
hihi.. no la..
maybe at my anniversary celeb..

Sitting in front my computer and thinking that meals jumping in my throats..

Selamat Menjamu Selera...