Wednesday, 23 March 2011

ThaNks DeAr TedDy bEaR

So SuNny...
Even sunny pn bb still kna flu arini and arini jua bnyk kerja..
Never mind.. Dh set nk setle kje arini dgn baik & dedikasi..
Cinta tak kemana hr nie cz dye tak xdew prospect sesiapa..
Bia la dye.. Santai tp xnyusahkan org..


Miss Rose akan dtg and at the same tyme bb dh apply cuti tuk g training product 4life..
What was happen really coincidence..
Just now Mr.Wind minta bb settle-up billing and bb hand over kpd hubby..
dye dtg bersama fixie yg color dye hubby x fix lagi...
never mind.. skunk nie.. its ok and its alrite then..

thankful to hubby settle up my things..

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