Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Separated By Times

Last week bz.. Never mind..
Monday nite bz.. Segamat to Semban.. Its ok..
Tuesday nite CANNOT.. Family issue..
When a suitable tyme i can spent with My Love??!

But most of the days we're never arguing bout anything
and in this relation is quite good..
i can see the flow..

sLruUpY Boy
Then weekend yg jatuh ari ahad pn xda mse nk date.. adoii..
and blh plak arini dye nak gie mlk tak bwa bb..
tension dh.. ish2..

Now kat office jer dh boring ney..
tak thu nk buat ape..
All the business dh settle..
Then what.. Chit-Chat ngn hubby jela..
Ngada dye nk gie mk laks..

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