Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sopink oR s0Pha-HoLiC

Starting with Wedges

Much more better if bulan ne dpt gaks selection camnie..
tapi bb tak leh pkai yg higher cz nk same level ngn hubby.
His pretty cute jer..

Nose <Wedges>

Last memory <Vincci>

yang ney pnah ade then ilang ntah kemana
never know who took it!
but never mind lol cz dh ade yg baru.
kalau boleh nk design cmni tp casual wear..
blh ker ade camni??

Turn to Blouse

Kourtney Kardashian

Skunk makin chubby sgt..
so sgt mustahil bb leh pakai camni..
if really get tho body like this..
i wont left the change to exchange to be her..
wanna lovely dress

Hottie sgt blouse ney..
Blouse nie sme dengan blouse yg bb ade example

alamak!! pic bb ngn blouse niew xde dlm thumbdriver
so let it be la..
aper pon this month mmg nak sopink..
almost 4month tak sopink..
last month pn sopink wedges sbb needed sgt..
if not... tak sopink langsung..

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